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Automatic Back Wash Strainer

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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product drawing

Automatic back wash strainers
Automatic back wash strainers

summary of product

ZPG type automatic sewage back wash strainer is one can use low-quality water for industrial cooling strainers, also can be used for other strainered process, automatic sewage flush with the strainer out impurities, rinse function in heat exchanger installed ahead of other actuators, flush periodically eliminate impurities. In normal circumstances, steering valves open flow through the strainer canister, after strainered out by outlet. When turning valve is closed, the drain valve opens, automatic sewage water forced from the reverse of the strainer canister strainers for inlet into the hole strainer canister net, most part putflow from outlet, small part from the impurity f collection period inside the tube into the strainer mesh to strainer canister, flush, produced from the strainer cartridges external flushing adhesion in hole of impurities, sewage discharge still through impurities.

The external and connection dimensions

Aotomatic back wash strainer constructral diagram(pic1)
Aotomatic back wash strainer constructral diagram(pic1)
Aotomatic back wash strainer constructral diagram(pic2)
Aotomatic back wash strainer constructral diagram(pic2)

The main technical characteristics

1. ZPG - automatic sewage back flush strainer under all flow the is in the normal work, namely can keep up with the flow, low pressure drop, avoid the velocity caused due to the surface besmirch.
2. installed in the pipeline system directly, do not need any support structure.
3. save space.
4. automatic washing drainage, do not need to install pathways and remove pollution.

main dimensions

specification A L drain outlet Dg
ZPG-I-100 350 260 32
ZPG-I-125 438 326 40
ZPG-I-150 525 390 50
ZPG-I-200 700 520 65
ZPG-I-250 875 650 80
ZPG-I-300 1050 780 100
ZPG-I-350 1200 885 125
ZPG-I-400 1400 1040 150
ZPG-I-450 1550 1145 150
ZPG-I-500 1700 1250 150
ZPG-I-600 2000 1460 200
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