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Companding Pull-Rod Y Type Strainer

manufacturer: Shanghai Fengqi Industry Development Co., Ltd.

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product drawing

Y companding pull-rod strainers
Y companding pull-rod strainers


YSTF type Y companding pull-rod strainer is a new design, Y strainer is combined with flex connectors, simple structure, easy to use, to solve fixed line installation inconvenience defects caused by the various products of the flange standards between different lengths, mainly used for high-level expansion strainer sieve multi-storey building construction, water supply and drainage pipe or factory, usually installed on the pressure reducing valve and relief valve, water level valve or other major water inlet, the equipment installed after the lever telescopic strainer to remove debris removal piping installation to ensure valve or the normal use of or equipment, medium temperature: 0 ~ 80 ° c. e (flange dimensionsPN1.0 MPa according to GB4216.4-14 standard, PN1.6 MPa according to GB4216.5-84.

The external and connection dimensions

Y companding pull-rod strainer constructral diagram
Y companding pull-rod strainer constructral diagram

main technical parameter

type nominal pressure PN(MPa) pressurization test pressure (MPa) working pressure (MPa)
YSTF-10 1.0 1.1 1.0
YSTF-16 1.6 1.76 1.6

main part material

name of part pipe body strainer net companding pull-rod 0 shaped ring
material grey cast iron or nodular iron steel stainless steel carbon steel Zinc plating NBR

main external dimensions

nominal diameter DN(㎜) L H1 H
50 300 155 195
65 320 183 245
80 380 210 295
100 420 250 344
125 500 305 415
150 550 358 485
200 650 450 602
250 775 503 710
300 900 578 815
350 1025 598 844
400 1150 618 872
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