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Y-strainer Rresistance Loss Calculation

ΔP--resistance loss,Pa
λ--friction coefficient, dimensionless
Re-reynolds number,Re=(ω·dn)/u,dimensionless
ω-flow speed,m/s 
ρ-flow density,kg/m
μ-power viscosity,kg/m·s
u-movement viscosity u=μ/ρ,m/s
L-Equivalent straight pipe length, m, pipe strainer access in the following table "category pipe strainer nominal diameter and straight pipe equivalent length relationship"
D-internal diameter of category pipe strainer,m
dn-Equivalent diameter, m, category pipe strainers take pipe internal diameter "D", tube shell strainers take '4 s / c '
S-Liquid flow area,m
C-Liquid Wet perimeter (wet perimeter), C = 2X (cylinder inner diameter + cylinder height) m
ξ- 1.1 inlet resistance coefficient, take 1.1
ξ-0.5 outlet resistance coefficient, take 0.5

The relationship between Strainer DN and the length of equivalent straight pipe

DN 50 80 100 150 200
equivalent straight pipe length L (×10mm) 25∽30 18∽23 15∽20 22∽38 32∽40
DN 250 300 350 400 450
equivalent straight pipe length L (×10mm) 27∽43 58∽65 48∽85 60∽95 62∽98

1)For the 'Y-type' and other Pipe Fittings category strainers, calculated by the formula
2)For the 'tube-shell' type strainer, calculated by the formula
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