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Air Strainer Selection Experience

◎Rationally determine each level strainer efficiency

  Generally speaking, the last degree strainer decide the air purification level, the upper levels strainers only act as protective role, which protects the leeward side strainers and extends their useful life or products air-conditioning system and ensures their normal works.
  Air-conditioning design, should first according to user's clean request to determine the strainer last level efficiency, and then select the strainer with protective function, if this level strainers also need to protect, then add strainers in its upwind side. The protective effect strainers referred to as "pre-strainer."
  Should be properly matched all levels strainer efficiency. If the adjacent two level strainer efficiency specifications have much difference, then, the previous level will not protect the latter level, if the two levels are similar, the latter burden is too small a.
  Clean rooms end high efficient strainer service life should be 5 to 15 years, the most important factor affects the service life is the advantage of pre-strainer good or bad.
  When using the "G ~ F ~ H ~ U" efficient size classification, can be easily estimated all levels strainer efficiency. Between G2 ~ H12, every 2 to 4 stalls set up a strainer. For example: G4 → F7 → H10, in which the end of H10 (sub-efficient) strainers determine the clean level of air supply, F7 protects H10, G4 protects F7.
  Before the end of high-performance clean room (HEPA) strainer should be efficient specifications not less than F8 strainer to protect; afront ultra-efficient (ULPA) strainers can use F9 ~ H11 strainer. The central air-conditioning should have its own strainers to protect that the efficiency specification is not lower than F5.
In the absence of sand, low-pollution areas, afront F7 strainers may not set up pre-strainer; in the city central air-conditioning systems, G3 ~ F6 are common primary strainers.
  What efficiency level of pre-strainers should be set to protect the latter strainer, which requires designers and field engineers decide after the comprehensive consideration of applicable environment, spare parts costs, energy consumption, maintenance costs and other factors.
●100 level clean room, set up F5 → F8 → H10 → H13 four level strainering, end-H13 Strainers are used for 8 years.
●Before clean room HEPA strainers only have F5 protection, the user should replace the HEPA strainers annually.
● heavily polluted cities new air purification system strainer set is G3 → H10, after two weeks system running, the H10 strainer is scrapped.
● an automobile spray-paint line, the strainer setting is G3 → F6 → F5. Among them, the end F5 is the roof covered strainer material, it only affects as the mean flow from technological requirements; F6 determines the purification level of air supply.
Main Points: the last stage strainer performance must be reliable.
The pre-strainer efficiency and specifications should be reasonable.
The primary strainer maintenance should be easy.

◎strainer selection of typical places

No. used places main strainer efficiency Common strainer element Special requirements Description
1 main strainer of ordinary central air-conditioning F5~F7 Bag, no partition strainers reasonable strainering efficiency Public health, protect the interior decorating, and air-conditioning system
2 pre-strainer of ordinary central air-conditioning G3~F5 A variety of cheap, easy to use strainers High dust capacity, goods supply is guaranteed Protects air-conditioning system, and latter level strainer
3 High-grade central air-conditioning in public places F7 Bag, no partition strainers To prevent the draft black stain and the interior decoration fade
4 Airport Terminal F7 Bag, no partition strainers The first impression of visitors
5 schools, kindergartens F7 Bag, no partition strainers fire proof special safety considerations
6 consulting room and ward F7~F8 Bag, no partition strainers prevent cross-infection
7 museums, libraries F7 Bag, no partition strainers protect treasures
8 studios F7 Bag, no partition strainers protect optical devices and products
9  100000,10000 level non-uniform flow clean room   HEPA with clapboard, non-clapboard HEPA strainer set by set testing, non-flammable material Strainers installed in the HEPA outlet
10 100 level clean room HEPA Or ULPA with clapboard, non-clapboard HEPA strainer before leaving factory,scan and inspect set by set clean room end
11 ordinary clean room pre-strainer F8~H10 Bag, no partitions, with partition strainer ensure End-strainer normal service life
12 Chip plant 10 level, 1 level clean plant ULPA No partition strainer Scan testing, flow evenly, no volatile the strainer has the highest performance requirements nowadays
13 Chip plant 10 level, 1 level clean plant pre-strainer HEPA no partitions, with partition strainer high face to face wind speed Ensure that the end strainer life is "a lifetime"
14 pharmaceutical industry, 300,000 level clean room F8~H10 HEPA Bag, no partitions, with partition strainer Strainer does not contain nutrients End-strainer could be set within the central air conditioner
15 Negative pressure clean room exhaust strainers HEPA no partitions, with partition strainer reliable 禁止危险物品的排放Prohibiting the discharge of dangerous goods
16 Car Painting Pipeline main Strainer G4~F7 Bag Strainer Does not contain silicone, lint-free, flame-retardant meet paint without defects and protect equalize current materials
17 Car baking paint line main strainer F6~F7 High-temperature resistant strainer with clapboard Does not contain silicone Process requirements
18 High demand static spraying producting workshop F7~F8 Bag, no partition strainers Does not contain silicone, lint-free ensure appearance with no defects
19 Nuclear power plant exhaust HEPA with partitions, no partitions Strainers Fire proof, impact resistance, specialized certified agencies -
20 Use central air-conditioning room, switchboard, middle control room F5~F7 Bag, no partition strainers - Prevent undesirable heat radiation and electrical fault due to dust
21 Using tank air conditioning engine room, switchboard, middle control room G3~F5 Simple flat strainer - Due to space limited, cabinet air conditioner is difficult to use other forms of strainers
22 Fiber snag process F8 bag strainer - prevent the broken wire
23 Spinning workshop G4~F7 bag strainer, static strainer - prevent the "ash yarn"
24 food industry F7 Bag, no partition strainers No nutrients Production environmental health
25 Clean bench, air shower HEPA with partitions, non-partitions HEPA strainer - -
26 Rolling mill main motor F7 bag strainer inflaming retarding Prevent electrical fault caused by dust
27 Cigarette factory central air-conditioning F7 Self-cleaning filtration equipment, bag strainer - The domestic tobacco industry is popular self-cleaning filtration device currently
28 family central air-conditioning G3~G4 Flat Strainer Cheap, beautiful shape the goods put at the supermarket
29 Common household air-conditioning   Nylon mesh strainer Washable Blocked fibers and coarse dust
30 sand Regional pre-strainer Inertial dedusting device, bath dedusting device, shutter strainer Remove large particles of dust, only work in the windy time
31 Gas turbine and centrifugal compressor F7~F8 No partitions, bag, there is partition strainers, self-cleaning strainer Shock resistance, fire-retardant prevent device internal scaling, abrasion, corrosion
32 Axial compressor F5~F7 No partitions, bag strainer Shock resistance, fire-retardant prevent the blade wear and tear
33 Reciprocating air compressors, internal combustion engines G3~F5 Bag strainer, clean strainer, flat strainer Shock resistance, Resistant super-resistance prevent cylinder wear and tear
34 Advanced Car Air Conditioning F7 No separator strainer element Dustproof, pollenproof
35 top grade household cleaner F7 HEPA No separator strainer element durable,waterproof prevent exhaust secondary pollution
36 Clean room cleaner HEPA No separator strainer element durable,waterproof prevent exhaust secondary pollution
37 household air purifier F7~F9 HEPA Tube-shaped and square no partitions strainer elements cheap,beautiful shape the goods at the supermarket
38 gas mask HEPA No separator strainer element temperature-resistance, waterproof Often used in combination with activated carbon

Note: The "main strainer" means the last level strainer, or designated parts strainers.

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