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Air Strainer Glossary Explaination

A,B,C ,D

  The classification of IC manufacturing to airborne molecular contaminants. A representative of acidic gases, B on behalf of alkaline gases, C representative condensable compounds, D on behalf of other doping gas.
Absolute Strainer
  Forepart foreign company gave trade name to clapboard HEPA strainers, the corresponding filtration efficiency is 99.97% (0.3mm DOP). AC fine (Air Cleaner Test Dust, fine)
  United States provides standard dust for the filtration and dust removal equipmen performance test are commonly used, in addition to China and Japan. The dust from the desert areas of Arizona, commonly known as Arizona Road Dust.
  In the AC small amount of ash mixed with the provisions of short-fiber and carbon black, it becomes ASHRAE standard dust commonly used for strainer tests.
  ISO requires using AC fine dust to measure the strainering effect of vehicle strainers.
  Solid or liquid particles and gas form a relatively stable suspension system.
  Internationally, the majority of people who engage in filtration theory, participate in the activities of aerosols academy, but people engage in filtration applications are more like to crowd together in the HVAC industry.
AFI (Air Strainer Institute)
  Filtration Efficiency Test Method weight calculating method and colorimetric method first used by the AFI, known as AFI efficient. If seeing "AFI efficiency", you have to determine whether it is arrestance or colorimetric efficiency.
AHU (Air Handling Unit)
  Central air-conditioning is the most frequent place where the air strainer
Air Strainer
  Used in central air-conditioning and clean room, known as the air strainers; used in piston engines and small air compressor, called air strainer. AMC(Airborne Molecular Contaminant)
The appellation of Semiconductor manufacturing industry to the molecular pollutants.
The efficiency that uses weight calculating method to low-efficiency strainers.
ASHRAE Efficiency
The efficiency that is measured out by using the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers standard ASHRAE 52.1 method. Generally refers to the dust-spot, sometimes also known as NBS efficiency, AFI efficiency.
b value
  Describe the liquid strainer material and liquid strainers effects common parameter. b value is also called filtration ratio. b value is the reciprocal transmittance, and the relationship with filtration efficiency is: strainer efficiency = 1-1/b
  b5 = 200, indicated that the particle diameter is 5mm, one of 200 will pass.
Cellulose Media, Wood pulp strainer paper
 Using wood fiber (wood pulp) as the main raw material strainer paper. Wood pulp strainer paper is the most common strainer material for the production of strainer.
Chemical Strainer
  In the air-conditioned areas, chemical strainers generally refers to the activated carbon strainer
CNC(Condensation Nucleus Counter)
  Using small dust as nucleus, condensate other substances, makes particles larger, instruments can detect it. In the strainer experiments, CNC can be used in high-efficient strainers scan test, strainer testing
  Usual name of traditional partition strainers.
  DOP is the plastics industry common plasticizer, is also a common cleaning agent.
  Using 0.3mm DOP droplet as particles, measuring high-efficient strainer obtained filtration efficiency is called "DOP efficiency."
  For many years international popular testing methods for general ventilation strainers.
Commonly strainering material.
FFU (Fan Strainer Unit)
  High-efficiency Strainer Unit with own fan. In Modern IC production, high cleanliness factory pop strainer

   The European classified code of strainer, using the German prefix. G on behalf of Grob, F behalf Fein, H for HEPA, U is ULPA.
GMP (Good Manufacture Practice)
  GMP is mandatory standard that is needed to implement in pharmaceutical factory.
HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Strainer
  0.3mm dust particles filtration efficiency ≥ 99.97%, and through the provided method testing qualified strainers.
  Household appliances HEPA generally is the strainer that made of HEPA filte paper.
HEPA Diffuser
  With high efficiency strainer non-uniform flow clean room air supply unit
HEPA Panel
Clean room uses non-partition HEPA strainers customary name.
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
MPPS (Most Penetratiable Particulate Size)
  A scan test method to measure Strainer to the most difficult to strainer particles filtration efficiency.
  No partition strainers commonly name. Sometimes also known as Close-pleated.
NBS (National Bureau of Standard)
  Early United States National Bureau of Standards use AFI's weight method and colorimetry as a national standard
Particle Efficiency
  Using particle counter measurement strainer efficiency
  In the strainer industry, means the polyester chemical fibers, such as polyester fiber
PP (Polypropylene)
  In the strainer industry, often refers to with a static (electret) ultra-fine polypropylene fiber strainer material
  The strainer protect the next level strainer. The pre-strainer can have a variety of forms and efficiency of the specifications
 In the strainer industry, PTFE strainer refers to fibers made of high-performance PTFE electret strainer material. PTFE strainer is a new strainer material, without little volatile compounds, the intensity is good, currently the disadvantage is high price
Pulse-jet Strainer
 The strainer and dedusting device with compressed air pulse-jet devices.
  Strainer resiatance. also known as Pressure Drop,Differential Pressure,DP。
Sick Building Syndrome
  Poor indoor air is often considered as disease-causing culprit
Synthetic Media
  Chemical fiber strainer, also known as the as the synthetic fiber
ULPA (Ultra Low Penetration Air) Strainer
 The strainer of 0.1 ~ 0.2mm particle filtration efficiency ≥ 99.999% (USA).
 The strainer of MPPS efficiency ≥99.9995% (Europe)
 The strainer of 0.12mm particle filtration efficiency ≥ 99.999% (early US)
Van de Waals Force
  Gravitational force between molecular and molecular, molecules and molecules surface, including orientation, induction force, dispersion force. Dust glues to the strainer media, mainly depends on the van der Waals force. When activated carbon strainer adsorbs chemical contaminants, it also relies on the van der Waals force.
Ventilation Strainer
Generally refers to the ventilation strainers to distinguish clean room high efficiency strainers. Sometimes also called Ashrae Strainer
VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds)
Air conditioning industry refers to molecules pollutants in the air. IC industry, also known as AMC

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