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Air Strainer Unit Conversion

  1Å = 10-8cm = 10-10m
  Å is the common measuring unit of light wave length and molecular diameter. When discussing the dust surface and other surfaces van der Waals attraction, we also use Å to measure the distance between the surface. The gas molecules diameter is about 3Å. in terms of the length of the unit, Å is smaller than Nano quantity level.
  Å from the name of Swedish scientist Ångström (1814-1874), Å proper pronunciation is "ou", "ai"
cfm(cubic foot per minute)
  BS blowing rate unit,1 cfm ≈ 1.7 m3/h
especially:2000 cfm = 3400 m3/h
British do not use BS. Americans and Japanese sometimes still use the BS units
℉ (Fahrenheit)
  Fahrenheit (1686-1736) determines three temperature fixed-point: when sea water freezes, it is zero degree; person body temperature is 96 degrees, 32 degrees when the water freezes. In the modern temperature scale, the freezing point of pure water is 0℃=32℉, boiling point 100℃=212℉.
  North American countries are still using the Fahrenheit temperature scale
fpm (foot per minute)
  BS blowing rate unit,1000 fpm ≈ 5.08 m/s
mbar (millibar)
  air pressure unit, sometimes used for strainer resistance, 1mbar = 100 Pa = 10 mm WG
mg (milligram)
  1mg = 0.001g
  Airborne dust concentrations often measured in mg/m3
  1 mil = 0.001 inch = 0.0254 mm
  Sheet thickness BS measuring unit, some U.S. manufacturers still use this unit to measure the thickness of strainer paper.
 m (micrometer)
  1 m = 0.001mm
  The most commonly used size unit in filtration industry, describe the dust particle size and fiber diameter.
nm (nanometer)
  1nm = 0.001 m
  When the some materials size is as small as to measure by nanometre, about the production of these materials, measurement, and using technology is called "nanotechnology."
  Air flow units, the commonly used units when gas turbine deals with air compressor inlet strainers.
  In works, 1 standard is an atmospheric pressure (0.1013MPa), 0 ℃, 1 cubic meter volume of dry air quality.
  Related to civil aviation and meteorology, people use the "international standard atmosphere," which refers to an atmospheric pressure, 15 ℃ air, and it has some differences in temperature with working atmospheric pressure.
Pa (Pascal)
  Pressure units, commonly used in strainer resistance
  1 Pa = 1 N/m2 ≈ 0.1 mm WG = 0.1 kg/m2
ppm(parts per million)
  The commonly used units that evaluate the concentration of chemical contaminants. Even small unit is ppt (parts per trillion), ie on of trillionth (1 × 10-12). When using the pollutants molecules number to measure concentration, labeled as pptm (parts per trillion molar).
  legal measuring units of fiber thickness level. tex number is per 1,000-meter-long fiber grams, 1 / 10 dtex. The measuring unit in the past is "Dan" (Denien, D), read as "dai", D number is each 9,000 meters long fiber grams.
  Producting strainer materials chemical fiber industry mentions fiber thickness, we say dai or dtex, not microns. If the proportion of chemical fiber raw material is 1, then 1D is equivalent of fiber diameter 11.9m, while the diameter of 1 m fiber is equivalent to 0.007D.
WG (Water Gauge)
  Pressure differential code, commonly used in the strainer resistance
  1 mm WG ≈ 10Pa,1 in WG ≈ 250Pa。
  It also marked as mmH2O.

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